The Insurance Coverage Blog, 7/29/8

I grew up in a tough school with a lot of colorful characters who used a lot of colorful language, and consequently I have a wide repertoire of colorful expressions for a variety of situations in life, such as when stuff surprises or amazes me. For public consumption, though, I censor most of these and translate them into one of several stock phrases, such as Holy Cow! So in reading some depositions attached to the latest State Farm filings in Ex rel. Rigsby, the False Claims Act case where the Trailer Lawyers got kicked out, I had cause several times to say Holy Cow!

Now, I have seen for some time that the Rigsby Sisters’ story line that had been sold originally — “Hero Sisters Aid Crusading Lawyer Scruggs In Stopping Insurance Company Fraud” — was going to undergo a substantial makeover. This really didn’t require any great prescience, and the same observation could have been made by anyone who was paying a moderate degree of attention. Obviously, Dickie Scruggs has totally discredited himself, so the demand for the original story line is somewhere up there with the demand for salmonella-laced tomatoes and new chapters of the Milli Vanilli fan club. I mean, if someone was pitching this story to those two con men in The Producers today — the ones looking for the worst play possible to stage, one that was sure to bomb — they would pick the original Rigsby-Scruggs story over “Springtime for Hitler.”