The Roads of Jackson

It’s no secret that Jackson is home to some the most pathetic streets and highways in Mississippi.

There is hardly a road in the capital city that doesn’t have either huge bumps to re-align your alignment or potholes to damage your tire rims.

South Jackson is the worst.

Just drive down Belvedere or I-20 between Ellis and Gallatin and you’ll find a whole new world of pitfalls to challenge your driving ability.

The good news is that Hinds County is expected to give Jackson a million dollars for street repair.

But, MDOT needs to step up to the plate and put a priority on a road surface like I-20 which was never built to standards in the first place.

Obviously, the MDOT bigwigs don’t travel I-20 very much.

If they did, they’d be regular visitors to a front end shop or the hemorrhoid doctor.

Dennis Smith – Point of View