The SEC’s issue: Is bigger better?

Even some people in Texas, famous for its bigger-is-better way of life, are shaking their heads in sticker shock from the size of Longhorns football coach Mack Brown’s new contract. The university system regents didn’t just tweak Brown’s $3 million-a-year salary recently. Shortly after he guided the team into one of two berths in next month’s Citi BCS National Championship Game, they turned him into the college game’s first $5 million-per-year man.

That gives Brown at least one pregame edge over his coaching opponent in the title game. Alabama’s Nick Saban gets only $4.7 million annually.

$5 million a year through the 2016 season. A stunning number. So earlier this week, a University of Texas faculty group passed a resolution that calls Brown’s deal “unseemly and inappropriate.” Not that it means much. Perhaps tellingly, there weren’t enough faculty members at the meeting to make a quorum, so their resolution doesn’t even qualify as an official on-the-record condemnation.