Today, Governor Haley Barbour confirmed that despite the winter weather across Mississippi in the last 48 hours, the special election to replace the Northern District Transportation Commissioner and the state legislative seats vacated by US Representatives Alan Nunnelee and Steven Palazzo. It will be interesting to watch and see if self-identified conservatives continue to capitalize on the momentum of November’s election.

From Haley’s office . . .

“After consulting with the Secretary of State and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, the Jan. 11, 2011, special election will go forward as scheduled for state Senate District 6, state House District 116 and the Northern District Transportation Commissioner.”

Candidates for Transportation Commish include:

John Caldwell
Dennis Grisham
Joey Hood
Larry Lee
Warner McBride
Ray Minor
Mike Tagert

Candidates for State Senate 6 (Lee County) include

Melony Armstrong
Mike Bryan
Nancy Collins
Jonny Davis
Stacy Scott
Doug Wright

For House District 116, the candidates are:

Jim Atchison
Travis Burke
Jamie Creel
Todd Echelberry
Casey Eure
Jess Hogue
Quentin Lyles
Chuck Stein

If you have predictions, make ’em here.

If there is an election in your neighborhood tomorrow, GO VOTE.