Here is my list for the 10 toughest places to play in college football. I’ve tried to visit most of these places but have not gotten to all of them. Here it goes.

10. Sanford Stadium (Georgia)

I’ve been to a game up at Sanford, and I couldn’t imagine what a player must be going through while playing “between the hedges.” The fans are loud but are pretty nice overall. Good way to start.

9. Autzen Stadium (Oregon)

For a place that only seats 59,000, it sure seems like a lot more from what I’ve heard. I’ve never actually been to a game there, but I know people who have, and they said it sounds like a lot more people than it actually is.

8. Michigan Stadium—”The Big House” (Michigan)

100,000-plus screaming fans on game day are loud. The fans are passionate but not crazy like other schools I’ve been to. They come in at No. 8 for that reason—what makes a place tough to play is the fans.

7. Lane Stadium (Virginia Tech)

The fans here are right on top of the action, which makes it one of the loudest places I’ve ever been to. It is so low on the list because it seats a lot fewer than the stadiums ahead of it.

6. Ohio Stadium—”The Horseshoe” (Ohio State)

OK, so I’ve never been to a game here, but I’ve heard good things about games played here, and it is tough to beat the script OHIO at the start of each game. But as you’ll see, the top five gets even better