The Top 10 Gaffes Lane Kiffin Has Made At Tennessee

The nerdlings at the NCAA statistical bureau have crunched some numbers, and are saying that the average college football coach makes 1.4 major gaffes per year.

Most of the time that involves silly things like forgetting the name of a recruit’s mom, using the salad fork instead of the entree fork at the end-of-year banquet, or punting on first down (which Jim Tressel still maintains is not a gaffe).

But for Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin, gaffes flutter from the sky like Jonathon Crompton interceptions.

It’s been a tumultuous year for the rookie head coach, and one that’s been begging for a slideshow since his staff first plugged in the smoke machine and cued up the fake microphones.

Here are, in chronological order, the top 10 gaffes of the Kiffin era.