Johnny Dupree knows where election fraud occurs; all you have to do is ask him.

In the July 21, 2011 gubernatorial debate held at the Mississippi College School of Law the Democrat mayor of Hattiesburg was asked about the Voter ID ballot initiative. Dupree said he would vote against the initiative. He went on to say, however, if it were to become law he would abide by it.

Dupree said of Voter ID, “One writer said that it is a solution looking for a problem. And I believe that’s exactly what it is.”

DuPree went on to say, “If you want to stop voter fraud, it’s not somebody having ID. It’s from people buying votes…It’s from absentee ballots. That’s where the fraud is. It’s not from somebody showing their ID.”

Perhaps Dupree knows a little more than we give him credit for. Perhaps Dupree is on to something here. Perhaps he has some experience guiding his words.

After all, the trouble he and challenger Dave Ware are having in Hattiesburg isn’t on Election Day voting, but in absentee balloting. That’s where the irregularities largely occurred as testimony attested to in court showed which got us to this point. And that’s what’s holding us up now.

Maybe his friend Rev. Kenneth Fairley could show him a few things on how such activity could occur as well.