Winners and losers from the May 20 ‘Super Tuesday’ primaries


* Tea party: It’s not just that tea party candidates are losing, it’s how they’re losing. Bevin, who once looked like a credible candidate, wound up fending off charges of attending a cockfight in the final days of the race. Bryan Smith in Idaho ran such a poor campaign that the Club For Growth decided to walk away from it rather than throw more good money after bad. Neither Phil Gingrey or Paul Broun, two tea party favorites, came anywhere close to contention in the Georgia Senate primary. And, although his challenge to Sen. Thad Cochran (R) still seems competitive, state Sen. Chris McDaniel is in the midst of one of the nastiest stories we have ever seen in Mississippi politics (or anywhere). These candidacies are not slowly disappearing into nothing, they are exploding like the death of a star.

Washington Post / TheFix