McConnell crushing rebel Fund

Now, the SCF has gone silent in Kentucky just two weeks ahead of the primary and dropped off the air in Mississippi, where it backed state Sen. Chris McDaniel’s June 3 primary against incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R).

Instead, the group, independent of now-Heritage president DeMint, is spending in small House races and safe Senate primaries in hopes of notching a win.

Brian Walsh, a former NRSC spokesman and an outspoken critic of groups like SCF, said the group’s safer strategy indicates it’s “finally seeing the writing on the wall.”

“They’re now shifting and desperately trying to have some wins to point to next year,” he added. “Why else would a group called the Senate Conservatives Fund engage in House races?”

And the counter-publicity effort appears to be working: In its most recent Federal Election Commission filing, the SCF revealed it actually spent more than it raised and had just $782,000 cash on hand at the end of March — hardly enough to engage at this juncture in either Mississippi or Kentucky.

The Hill