The good folks over at Y’all Politics post about it, and the commenters start in about walking and sounding like a duck.

Recent attacks on job losses are unfounded. Attacks on his fiscal record are taken out of context. The fact that neither Minor nor Scruggs had been accused of jack squat when they donated to his gubernatorial campaigns is ignored.

And the simple truth is that Musgrove has not been accused of any wrongdoing with the beef plant. A grand jury said so, despite what Y’all Politics readers and the RNSC wants to say.

But, hey. Who cares about the truth when rehashing falsehoods is so easy? Right?

Cotton Mouth Blog

but from the official documents in the case

In August, 2003, to complete the amount contemplated in the July fund raiser, Moultrie caused the PAC to issue a $20,000 check to Musgrove’s campaign. However, in September 2003, Musgrove contacted Moultrie for another campaign contribution of $25,000. At the time, The Facility Group was aware of potential problems in the design and construction of the plant. Moultrie and Cawood subsequently had a conversation about giving this contribution to Musgrove intending to influence and reward him for the performance of his official duties should his assistance be needed on any potential problems on the project.