There’s something fishy about old swimmer

A white Jewish mother 12 days older than I is the star of the U.S. Olympic swimming trials, and the American media are treating her like she’s Barry Bonds.

That’s progress.
Seriously, a few years ago, Dara Torres would’ve received the same free pass Roger Clemens enjoyed until he misremembered in front of Congress. Torres and her trainer would’ve been profiled in an upcoming edition of Sports Illustrated and presented as a shining example of all-American, mother-next-door resilience.
Instead, Torres’ thrilling victory in the 100-meter freestyle and qualification for a fifth Olympic team on the Fourth of July have been hit with a series of suspicious questions and stories.
How does a 41-year-old mother of a toddler return from a six-year retirement, recover from back and knee surgery and swim faster than she ever did as a teenager or twenty-something?