Things are set to heat up in SEC

“Hot enough for ya?”

As cliché as it is, I have heard that catchy line 100 times — at least it has seemed that way — the past few days. I have wanted to offer a snappy, sarcastic-laced reply each time it was offered, but I couldn’t. It was just too hot to muster the effort.
But to answer the question, yeah, it’s hot. Real hot. And for some, it’s going to get hotter in the coming days, and that’s not a reference restricted to temperature readings and heat index.
Here are some, living under the SEC sun, who will be feeling the heat soon, if they aren’t already:
— Ole Miss’ Houston Nutt: The Rebels and their head coach have been riding the wave of optimism since their Cotton Bowl win over Texas Tech.
Ole Miss is a preseason top 10 pick in most polls and is being touted as the team to beat in the SEC West.