It’s the silly season in Mississippi politics. And nothing can be more silly than out-of-touch, out-of-state paid political consultants just trying to earn a buck.

Unclaimed Property in Wisconsin?

Recently, we picked up on a political web blunder. When you visit Treasurer Lynn Fitch’s campaign web site and go to the contribute page you see a picture of a beautiful scene of the Mississippi River in autumn.

If it doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen in Mississippi before, that’s because it isn’t a scene that exists in Mississippi. This image of this Mississippi River is from Perrot State Park in Wisconsin.

Apparently her web designers found a stock photo without checking to see if it is actually in the Magnolia State. Whoops!

In Fitch’s defense, this isn’t completely uncommon with political design groups that may not be completely in touch in markets they’re working..

In November of 2013, the Madison Project PAC’s (not to be confused with Madison County) web version of a radio ad showed an idyllic setting when discussing Chris McDaniel’s position on protecting Mississippi landowners from eminent domain.

However, that setting was not one you’ve ever seen unless you’ve been browsing for a stock photo from Pikes Peak State Park in Iowa.

Given the volume of out of state money in that race, I’m just glad they actually spelled Mississippi correctly.

Is having an out-of-state stock photo on a campaign site a major blunder for the Fitch campaign? No, but it doesn’t help in light of the last couple of weeks she has had. But it is a good reminder for political professionals going into the heart of the political season working in Mississippi to double check that their Googled stock photos actually are in the state of the voters and donors they’re pursuing.