“Give Us This Day Our Daily” Beef….

Government Response

A few excerpts . . .

In the present case, Robert L. Moultrie, Nixon E. Cawood, the entities that make up The
Facility Group and others are charged with conspiring to bribe a public official in violation of Title
18, United States Code, Sections 666(a)(2) and 371. The elements of conspiracy under 371 are (1)
an agreement between two or more people, (2) to commit a crime, and (3) an overt act performed
by one of the members in furtherance of that agreement.

. . . .

Robin Williams was a member of the Georgia Legislature while employed as a “consultant”
for Robert Moultrie and The Facility Group. Williams attended an April 2, 2003 dinner with the
public official, one of the public official’s campaign employees and Robert Moultrie. The dinner
took place in Jackson, Mississippi just days before The Facility Group was announced as Project
Manager of Mississippi Beef Processors, LLC. After dining with the public official, Moultrie and
The Facility Group billed the costs of the dinner with the public official as well as Moultrie’s travel
to the dinner back to the State of Mississippi as a business expense.

Concerning the Project Management Agreement and the related fundraiser, Williams offered
the Grand Jury the following testimony about a conversation he had with Robert Moultrie:

Grand Juror: You said it (the fundraiser) was already planned. So the
(public official) knew there was going to be a (sic) fundraiser before the
contract was signed?

Robin Williams: I – – this – – here is what I was told that day. On the phone
this is what was told. We got the contract. I’ve (Moultrie) got to do a
fundraiser for the (public official). I’ve got to raise $100,000 dollars. Now,
in that – – the contract to me took that they had done their deal and this is the
date. And the date was pretty quickly after phone call. He said we’re going
to be in Smyrna at my home. I need you to bring some money.

Documentary evidence proves invitations for the fundraiser for the public official were sent
out on July 7, 2003, just days before the contract was signed on July 11, 2003. Less than two weeks
later, on July 23, 2003, a fundraiser for the public official was held at Moultrie’s Smyrna, Georgia
residence. Moultrie, Cawood and employees of The Facility Group and others raised $25,000 for
the public official3 and Williams provided a check for $25,000 to the Democratic Governors

Then, less than seven days after the fundraiser, The Facility Group created a Political Action
Committee, from which it gave two more contributions to the public official in the amounts of
$20,000 and $25,000 respectively for a total of $95,000 raised by Moultrie, Cawood and The
Facility Group.

. . .

Why so much interest in a race two states away from their home state
of Georgia?

Neither Moultrie, Cawood nor The Facility Group gave a single dime to the public official
when he ran for office in 1999. But it should be noted they were not in the hunt for a multi-million
dollar contract to manage the construction of a beef processing plant in Mississippi that year like
they were in 2003.

Similarly, there is no evidence of any contributions by The Facility Group PAC to any other
Mississippi public official – ever. Furthermore, a quick study of The Facility Group’s PAC reveals
that their PAC contributions alone to the Mississippi public official are almost 5 X more than The
Facility Group gave to any officials in its home state of Georgia during the entire existence of the

To further evidence their corrupt intent, in addition to reimbursing company employees for
their campaign contributions under the disguise of a “bonus”, after receiving the contract, The
Facility Group began “padding” its billings to the State of Mississippi, Richard Hall and Mississippi
Beef Processors, to recoup the amount of money it spent on bribe payments.