So I was reading this article online today about things that are vanishing from the fabric of American society, what with changing times and moods and advances in technology. Virtually none of them on the list were a result of the recent death of capitalism in this country, but rather from the recession of tradition, or from the steady advance of progress and time. And not all were bad things. Some of it is waay past due. But it got me thinking, CFB is rich in tradition. It’s been going for roughly 120 years, A.D. (Arrivus Dixielandus) and the status quo is very hard to upset. What parts of the game would I like to see vanish if Obama made me Secretary of Saturday Gameday? Hmmmm….

Split Conference/Division Champs: this is the new cause celebre now that split national champions are so out of vogue. What? Split conference champions in this day of conference championship games? Why, yes. The Neanderthal Big 10(11) can still have split champ, as that misnomer might imply, and even the Pac 10, who plays a 9-game conference schedule so that everyone gets a shot at each other, technically declares a split champion in the face of head-to-head competition (although the winner will represent the conference in the BCS or Rose Bowl). As important as the conferences are to CFB and not all of them have a fair way to decide their winner? Inconceivable!!!

And don’t think you divisional champs are getting away with anything, either. If you’re in the SEC and you don’t make it to Atlanta, you didn’t win your division. You lost the tiebreaker, so take the banner down and sit your ass there, too. We have to end this feel-good crap and figure out who the winners and losers are in this world. No soup for you. Come back, one year!

Pre-Season Polls: There’s almost universal agreement that these are a bad idea in so many ways, especially after years like 2007. I really hate using the word ‘fair’, but it seems that’s something that’s severely lacking with ranking the polls until you’re about a month into the season. All those in favor say aye….

The Scheduling of Cupcakes for BCS Schools: Nothing carries more American Express Card type clout these days than being a BCS conference school, so why the hell not act like it? No BCS school should be allowed to schedule a FCS or lower team period. There’s plenty of hungry FBS mid-majors out there who you can give a shot to, but if you’re going to be BMOC, let’s start to schedule like it. And every BCS team should have to schedule two other BCS OOC teams each year, but I’ll have to save that for another list…