The Daily Leader, 2/12/8

The nine candidates vying for Mississippi’s Third Congressional District seat have signed on for a series of four debates sponsored by the John C. Stennis Institute of Government and the Stennis-Montgomery Association at Mississippi State University.

James Broadwater, R-Flowood; Gregg Harper, R-Pearl; Gregory Hatcher, R-Meridian; David Landrum, R-Madison; Billy Marcy, R-Meridian; Charlie Ross, R-Brandon; John Rounsaville, R-Madison; Randy Eads, D-Starkville; and Joel Gill, D-Pickens, will engage in political speak in an effort to set themselves apart from one another.

The debates were planned and organized in barely two weeks. Lydia Quarles, the senior policy analyst for the Stennis Institute of Government at MSU, said the idea began when candidate Rounsaville sent a letter to the institute and requested that the debates be held.