Mississippi Supreme Court races: Who’s running, issues

State Supreme Court Justice Jim Kitchens will try to fend off a challenge from state Court of Appeals Judge Kenny Griffis on Tuesday in a race that has been dominated in recent weeks by third party negative ads against Kitchens, including one accusing the justice of siding with a child predator.

Supreme Court races are on the ballot in the Northern and Southern districts, also, but it’s this Central District race that has generated the most buzz.

Kitchens said he and Griffis shook hands and had a gentlemen’s agreement not to run a negative campaign, but as often happens, third parties with their own agendas enter the fray.

Kitchens said Griffis isn’t responsible for the ads by the Washington-based political action committee, but he has called on Griffis to ask that the ads be stopped or to disavow them. Griffis said he has kept his promise not to run a negative campaign.

Clarion Ledger