Thompson to Tell Supporters He’s In Today (?)

In addition to the 4 p.m. call with supporters, Thompson’s campaign will also hold a concurrent 4 p.m. call with top donors. Thompson will speak on both calls, the source said.

Following that, Thompson’s campaign manager, Bill Lacy, will brief the press in a 4:30 conference call about the details of Thompson’s announcement and his travel plans.

The source would not confirm Thompson’s appearance on Leno, but an official at NBC-Universal said the appearance is tentatively confirmed for Wednesday night. A second NBC official did not respond to an inquiry on Thompson.

If he appears on Leno, it could steal some thunder from the debate, which is being held in New Hampshire. Thompson pulled a similar trick when he first confirmed interest in the campaign, appearing on Fox News for an interview immediately following a previous Republican debate.

The supporters on the first conference call were invited by email to participate, the source said. They include elected public officials, party officials and others who have expressed support for Thompson’s campaign.

UPDATE: Campaign officials now say there will not be a 4:30 conference call for the media. Rather, the campaign will put out information for the press in a statement. Stay tuned for details later this afternoon.

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