Mississippi’s only Democratic Congressman has once again made headlines, and as is becoming the norm, not for a good reason.

Congressman Bennie Thompson (MS-2) spouted classic liberal rhetoric to a friendly labor union crowd at the 2012 Communications Workers of America Legislative-Political Conference.

Thompson called FoxNews and his “opponents” (i.e. Republicans) “the enemy” and “terrible people,” among other things.

See for yourself:

Thompson, like other Mississippi Democrats, is searching for relevance in a state and nation that is seeing a much more conservative focus given the challenges of the day imposed by the policies of their own liberal party.

That’s why when they are in front of a friendly audience, these Democrats let their ideological hair down. They pander for the applause. They need it so they can attempt to justify their own actions, saying they are for the working man and demonizing the right for having and achieving more.

Trouble is, that while unions once served a need in our society, now they reward and in face promote mediocrity. Unions encourage bigger government and deride capitalism.

So the more these liberals speak, especially to these unions, the more solidified and impassioned conservatives become, and voters are taking notice.

Most Mississippi Democrats have always distanced themselves from their national liberal counterparts. However, Thompson is really one of the top two or three most powerful Democrat elected officials in Mississippi, and no one in the Democratic heirarchy EVER speaks out about Thompson when he goes on rants like this. It proves our point that there functionally is no difference between a “Mississippi Democrat” and a “Washington Liberal” – the two are one in the same.