Thompson urges colleagues to join gambling caucus

With more casinos sprouting up across the country and online gambling measures on the rise, Reps. Bennie Thompson, a Democrat from Mississippi, and Joe Heck, a Republican from Nevada, are reviving the Congressional Gaming Caucus to look out for the industry’s interests and promote its benefits.

The lawmakers say the industry creates thousands of jobs and spends millions of dollars in local communities.

“If we truly want to promote economic development and jobs, we must begin to work with businesses that exist in the communities we serve — like the commercial gaming industry,” said Thompson, whose district in the Mississippi Delta is home to several casinos.

Thompson and Heck, the caucus co-chairs, plan to hold a meeting in upcoming weeks “to drum up more interest in membership,” said Greg Lemon, a spokesman for Heck. “We’re still in the recruiting phase and working on finding interested members.”

Hattiesburg American