Thoughts from the Dark Side (Saints)

Despite having to sit through another telecast with Tony Kornheiser displaying his lack of knowledge, creativity, and clues especially, there was an interesting show on display between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints. As you know, the Saints are next up on the Raiders hit-list and every media outlet is sure to tell you that they have absolutely no chance in New Orleans. From what was on display Monday Night, you could make a great case for exactly that. I’m not sold.

Against the Vikings, the Saints allowed a paltry 44 yards rushing and 226 yards passing. They sacked the quarterback once, got zero interceptions, and wasn’t able to get the Vikings to fumble the ball. New Orleans was more successful on offense as they passed for 320 yards on 26 receptions on 46 attempts and they rushed for 55 yards on 22 attempts. They had five fumbles, losing two, and threw two interceptions.