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I don’t normally post anything like this, but this is ridiculous.

This past week, two new SEC coaches were reprimanded by the SEC for speaking publicly and freely about what has been abysmal officiating by SEC crews. Two weeks ago, the SEC suspended a crew through November 14 for having consecutive weeks of abysmal officiating. It is relatively clear from the replays that the Florida touchdown was awful, and perhaps there is some evidence to support Kiffin’s assertion that the referees are out to get him.

The problem here is that people are starting to murmur about the intentions of the referees, and are TRULY starting to question their ability (I, for one, hardly ever concern myself with officiating, and generally am of the opinion that if a team is really better than another team, they should be able to win even if the other guy cheats, but this is different) . Even ESPN thinks there is something fishy here. I think that is dangerous, and I don’t think the league is going to solve this issue by issuing letters and fines to coaches who complain. Sure, we can agree with them that Mullen and Kiffin are whining unnecessarily, that they have discrete channels to challenge these calls with the league, but this is no more discrete than the tactics that Mullen and Kiffin are using. Maybe the real mistake the league made was to admit wrongdoing in the first place, with the crew from LSU-UGA. Maybe they should have been more Machiavellian, because now they look like they are playing favorites with Alabama and Florida. Either stand strong behind your officials, or publicly reprimand these guys for calling poor games.

Either way, a Letter of Reprimand to Baby Kiffin and Mullen, complaining about their behavior, comes off as nothing more than an attempt to avoid the problem, and it isn’t going to solve the issue.

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