Thousands ‘In That Number’ For Saints Victory Parade


Nearly one million people wanted to be “in that number” when the New Orleans Saints rolled through the streets of the crescent city. The parade began at 5 p.m. Tuesday in front of the Superdome.
The New Orleans Police Department reported the crowds topped famous Mardi Gras parades such as Endymion and Bacchus.
Mr. Mardi Gras, 63-year-old Blaine Kern, said he’s never been in a crowd that large before.
Owners of restaurants said the size of the crowds could compete with arguably the biggest single-day party in the world, New Year’s Eve in New York City.
“Its triple business,” said local business owner Leonardo Daniele. “People just kept coming in. People just flowing all over the place.”
Barry Kern of Mardi Gras World attempted to crunch the numbers. “If you figure 10 deep, that’s about 200,000 people and you have some spots were 40-50 deep.