Three decades ago, the New Orleans Jazz departed from its home at the Superdome

It was an all-too-brief and passionate love affair, a five-year marriage between a city and its fledgling NBA basketball team sparked by an enigmatic superstar in a league at the time struggling for unconditional national acceptance.

A more natural nickname there arguably never was: New Orleans Jazz.
The birthplace of the American art form would be home to a professional team wearing that trio of unmistakable Carnival colors, purple, green and gold, an adopted child of the state, Pete Maravich, creating magic that had never been witnessed.
It was 30 years ago Monday, June 8, 1979, that the NBA Board of Governors unanimously approved a proposal by the team’s ownership, the majority of which was absentee, to relocate the franchise to Salt Lake City for the 1979-80 season.