Three Things Other Conferences Can Do To Counter SEC Football’s Supremacy

1. Get to 12 Teams and Get a Conference Championship
Always go with the low-hanging fruit first.
Make no mistake, the expansion talk coming from the Big 10 and the Pac-10 is being driven by their realization that their conferences suffer from the lack of a conference championship game

2. Inter-conference Play Agreements
More than the possibility of conferences like the Big 12 and Pac-10 joining forces on an independent television network—which has been much discussed—what if the two agreed to have each of its teams play an opponent from the other conference all on the same day?

3. Pay to Lose — or at Least Risk It
The practice of paying small schools to take a whipping on the road is commonplace in all conferences. Among larger schools, most agreements to play are of the home-and-home variety, in which each team is “paid” when hosting the game