Three Things We Know and Don’t Know About Georgia

2. How the quarterback situation will work out.

A few months back, it looked like UGA was in for a quarterback derby with Aaron Murray and Zach Mettenberger. Murray was always the front runner, but if he didn’t pan out for some reason, there was another four star quarterback ready to take over. It was a good plan, but Mettenberger drank himself off the team (and got banned from Valdosta in the process). It’s now Murray or nothing, really, as the older Logan Gray probably would have won the starting role if he really was the better quarterback. The good news is that of all of Mark Richt’s opening day starters at Georgia and FSU before that, only the plucky but limited Joe Tereshinski really didn’t work out. Still, there’s always a risk with a freshman quarterback and doubly so when he doesn’t have much of an option as a backup.