For those who’ve never thought SEC football would be connected with one of the nation’s leading business publications, take a look at the cover of the Sept. 1 issue of Forbes Magazine.

Alabama coach Nick Saban is there, smiling confidently in Bryant-Denny Stadium with a headline declaring him “Sports’ Most Powerful Coach.”

“Nobody plays the college football business like Alabama’s $32 million man,” the cover reads. “Is he worth it?”

Thanks to the good folks at Forbes, I read an advance copy earlier today of the story profiling Saban. (Read it now here). Reasons for the magazine featuring Saban weren’t just the eye-opening deal that Alabama used to lure him last year. It’s that he has “total control” over the Crimson Tide’s program in a way no other coach does, from the lack of a contract buyout should he choose to leave to the day-to-day operations of UA football.

“Saban has total control over recruiting, coaching, administration and public relations — not to mention a $32 million contract over eight years,” reads a caption.

From my vantage point, I can certainly vouch for this. For example, remember when Saban announced the hiring of new associate athletics director Mike Vollmar in May? Vollmar’s job is “to oversee the administration and operation of the football program.”

So yes, Saban hired a man who is technically his boss. If that’s not “total control,” I’m not sure what is.