Tide shows flaws in vanquishing Va. Tech

ATLANTA – Brandon Deaderick shook his head. He couldn’t believe it, either. On Monday, he was shot during an attempted robbery. Five days later, he was at the Georgia Dome making a tackle for No. 5 Alabama in its topsy-turvy 34-24 victory against seventh-ranked Virginia Tech.

“I could’ve been in a wheelchair, in a funeral home, instead of the Dome right now,” Deaderick said.
All was well in his world, and that of the Crimson Tide. They had their marquee win and managed to keep coach Nick Saban from a complete blowup, which, if you ask some Alabama players, is a worse fate than the flesh wounds left on Deaderick after he deflected the assailant’s gun as he fired and caused the bullet to graze his arm and thigh.
“I’ve been ripped before,” said Terrence Cody, Alabama’s All-American nose guard. “It ain’t pretty.”