Tiger to Tiger – Auburn

Recently graduated Hernando football standout Andre Wadley is changing his stripes.
From a Hernando Tiger to an Auburn Tiger, Wadley is wasting no time in jumping into the college experience.
The 6-3, 250-poind defensive end has already enrolled in summer school at Auburn, where he hopes to get a headstart on his freshman year.
“It’s great,” said Wadley, who was this past year’s BankPlus Player of the Year. “They’ve got me busy all day, though.”
Wadley said that his day starts at 5:30 a.m. when the team meets for a 6 a.m. drill consisting mainly of running.
“We run and run and keep running every day,” said Wadley. “I’m glad that I came in here already in pretty good shape.”
After the sunrise drills, Wadley heads to campus where he attends classes from 9:30 a.m. until after lunch.
Then, there are study hall sessions during the afternoon followed by weight lifting and more conditioning all afternoon.
“Thank goodness for coach (Anthony) Jenkins and what we did at Hernando,” said Wadley.