Tiger won’t break Jack’s Masters record

A year ago, golf fans believed Tiger Woods was a lock to break Jack Nicklaus’ record of six victories at the Masters. Now they seriously doubt that will happen.

That’s one of the findings in the latest online survey by Golf Digest.

In 2009, 86% of fans said Tiger would get the three victories he needed to pass Nicklaus. Now only 23% say he’ll do it. Some other interesting findings in the survey:

Tom Watson had a stirring British Open last year, but fans still think Gary Player should be the next golfer to join Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer as ceremonial starters at the Masters. Player got 48% of the vote, Watson 16% and no one else had more than 2%.

Despite the lore of Augusta, 52% said they don’t own anything with a Masters logo because it’s “overexposed.”