Tiger Woods likely to return from hiatus at Masters

MIAMI – Tiger Woods will not make his return at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, despite a published report and rampant speculation, according to two separate outlets.

The Associated Press quoted two sources close to the situation who said, on condition of anonymity, that Woods is “likely to play first” at the Masters.

The AP report came on the heels of a similar report on FoxSports.com by Robert Lusetich, who is finishing a book on Woods and said he felt strong enough about his sources “to put my name on it.”

Woods would be forgoing what could be a circus atmosphere at Arnie’s event in Orlando for the secure environment of Augusta National, which has already closed its credentials list for this year’s Masters. In other words, the supermarket tabloids and TMZs of the world would be kept outside the gates on Washington Rd., just as Martha Burk and her protesters were in 2006. There are several entrances into the Bay Hill development that might be more difficult to patr