Tiger Woods Linked to Steroid Scandal

A Canadian doctor, Anthony Gaela, is currently under investigation in the United States by the FBI on suspicion of handing out performance-enhancing drugs to hundreds of athletes–Tiger Woods being one of them. Dr. Anthony Gaela was orinignally arrested in October while trying to cross the U.S./Canada border after Actovegin, a performance enhancing drug, was found in his bag. Actovegin is illegal in the United States, anyone who sells or buys it is at great risk for arrest. He is also being investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for smuggling, advertising, and selling unapproved drugs. Looks like someone is about to be in deep doo doo, yes I am talking about Anthony Gaela, but I am also talking about Tiger Woods.

Woods is linked to Gaela, who treated him in February and March of this year (2009). He was treated by the doctor because his “people” were concerned about his slow knee recovery. Reportedly Gaela flew to Orlando four times to treat Woods. Did Tiger know that these were steroids? The New York Times tried to contact Wood’s “people,” Mark Steinberg of I.M.G. responded in an email: “I would really ask that you guys don’t write this? If Tiger is NOT implicated, and won’t be, let’s please give the kid a break.”

This seems like a suspicious response, especially he claims there is no way Tiger Woods would use performance enhancing drugs. However it is a nice change of pace from the 38749820 women who have come forward (yes that is an exaggeration) to an FBI investigation for Actovegin, the perfomance enhancing drug. Yikes! Looks like Tiger Woods is in the dog house no matter what he does. I wonder if Nike, the only sponsor to keep Woods, will keep him on after this steroid fiasco?