Tiger Woods ‘to confess all on Oprah Winfrey show’

LONDON: Tiger Woods is set to confess all his affairs and liaisons in a tell-all with Oprah Winfrey on TV in a bid to save his marriage and his 600 million pounds fortune, according to reports.

The troubled golfer is considering an “enticing” offer to appear on Winfrey’s top-rated chat show.

In a damage-repair move for his “Mr. Clean” image, he wants wife Elin Nordegren, 29, to join him on the famous sofa.

According to American TV insiders, 33-year-old Tiger will have to tell all if he is to save his crumbling reputation.

“Tiger absolutely hates talking about his private life but these are desperate times,” the Daily Star quoted US sources as saying.

“Going on television is a high-risk strategy but this could be the only way out for him. His image is taking a real hit,” said the sources.

Woods was under pressure after a string of babes came forward to claim he has had flings with them, and has thus confessed only to “transgressions” and apologised for his “sins.”

Tiger is also desperate to try to prevent his Swedish wife from taking him to the cleaners in the divorce courts, which could lead him to share his 600 million-pounds fortune.