Tillman willing to move to help Rebels win
Tracy Rocker has referred to Marcus Tillman as the “silent storm.”
Ole Miss’ standout defensive line hasn’t heard that one from Rocker. Instead, Tillman said laughing, he’s been called a different name by his new position coach.

“He calls me ‘Cane,'” Tillman said. “I guess because the way I run sometimes, he said I look like an old man with a cane.”
Tillman, a 6-foot-4, 260-pounder from McCall Creek (Franklin County), Miss., knows why his silence would be noticed. On the field and in the meeting rooms, Tillman said, he’s too busy focusing on his assignments to expend any energy chatting.
“You always see guys that have all types of talent, but you can’t trust them to put them on the field,” Tillman said. “You’re afraid they won’t do something. They have talent in the world but you have to have something up there (pointing to his head).”