Tim Tebow defends Urban Meyer, breaks record for using word “blessing”

It’s fitting, we suppose, that with the retirement of one NFL quarterback whom we think might be using his religious views as a not-so-subtle way to put himself above the rest of us comes the arrival of another NFL quarterback who is even more over the top with the notion that he was in some way “chosen” — and thus is in every way “better.”

Before I go any farther here, I need to set the record straight. My position on people who are too obvious regarding their beliefs is not anti-Christian. I am a Christian. I go to church every Sunday. I have 12 years of Catholic education. And I personally believe that the likelihood that this planet of ours was created and populated with plants and animals by accident is even slimmer than the chances of dropping a bowl full of eggs, flour, and sugar and having it land as a five-tiered wedding cake.