The Senate under the leadership of Terry Burton has released his plan this afternoon. Here’s the link the senate redistricting map.

Here are the stats behind the map.
Senate Redistrict Plan Numbers

There is an unquestionable sense that a major battle (or two) is about to get underway under the Dome. First, the Senate has to get right on its own plan. Given that Phil Bryant’s appointed team was bi-partisan, there theoretically should be an easier time to get that done rather than the party line split that occurred on the House side. Assuming the Senate can get its side in order, the odds are that the Senate will take aim at bottling up the House plan. At that point, all bets will be off in the Capitol.

My predictions remain. We will have two elections – one in 2011 under the old maps and one in 2012 under the maps that I believe will be drawn by a panel of three federal judges.