Tom Brady believes ex-Michigan coach Lloyd Carr was “underappreciated” and is “hopeful” of better days

Like many of the Patriots players, Tom Brady is a proud advocate for his college. And he’s not alone, as Vince Wilfork and Brandon Meriweather can often be heard braggin’ on The U, and Pat Chung has to be the biggest Oregon fan around.
And so, Brady loves him some Michigan. That’s why it was interesting at the end of his conference call with Miami reporters when he was asked about his old coach Lloyd Carr, who was ousted after a 122-40 record, a national title and five Big 10 championships.
Meanwhile, new coach Rich Rodriguez is under some fire, and some former Wolverines can’t watch. Brady said he hopes the team gets it turned around after a brutal 2008 and an up-and-down 2009.