Yesterday, Tom Head made an appearance on Paul Gallo show. That’s a little bit akin to saying that gasoline had an appointment with a lit match.

I only caught part of the interview about Head’s opposition to Senator Lydia Chassinoil talking to the CCC (or whatever they’re called), but apparently one of the last things that was asked by Gallo to Tom was about the term “genderqueer”. I think it was parenthetically thrown in the guise of his involvement with NOW, ACLU, LaRaza, MIRA, etc and other causes of Head’s. I don’t think I’ve met one and don’t think I’d care if I had, but I have caught blips of Tom discussing similar things in the past and thought it was grist for the perverbial mill. Gallo mentioned that it was on his website, so obviously it wasn’t some dark secret.

The problem comes in when that “genderqueer” blip gets outtakes for Gallo show promos played 30 times an afternoon. Like a fool and his money, a zealot and his agenda are lucky enough to get together in the first place. Tom likely appreciates the attention to his agendas, even if it comes off like him being the butt of the joke.

But that’s the point. It smacks of just plain goofing on him on something that had nothing to do with why he was on the show in the first place. Gallo and all of the folks at Supertalk have been great to me and YallPolitics, and I get that their deal is interesting radio. They are the undisputed champ of that in Mississippi and play a vital role in disseminating information and providing direct access to leaders and opinion makers (issues obviously near and dear to my heart). We help each other any way we can and that won’t change.

My point is they don’t have to do promos like that to have interesting radio and be the best in the state. They already have those bases covered.