Tom Knott: For Favre, a passing fancy?

Brett Favre has the itch to play again, just as Michael Jordan once did, the drama unbecoming in each case.

The Packers have been as lukewarm to Favre as the Bulls once were to Jordan, although each franchise stopped short of telling its icon not to let the door hit his backside on the way out.
So now the Packers are stuck between the thinly disguised desires of Favre and the prospect of a new beginning, however overrated new beginnings are following the retirement of an athlete who defined a franchise.
The Packers could ask Jerry Krause how it went for the Bulls after Jordan left the franchise.
Like it or not, the Packers have made the psychological break from Favre, last seen throwing the Giants into the Super Bowl.
His was a rude exit but one he chose in teary-eyed fashion after a Pro Bowl season.
It seemed heartfelt, genuine, the end. And it was – in March.
Four months later, with plenty of time to heal mentally and physically, Favre has re-examined his retirement.
It could be prompted by ego, an addiction to attention or the realization that he is going to miss the competition more than he originally thought.