Tommy Bowden: Mostly Dead

A preseason top 10 ranking in your 12th season as a team’s head coach is a death sentence only if you’re the sort of coach who enjoys toying with failure, running the program perilously close to the gaping edge of a losing season, and then dramatically rallying in WWE style from a sure submission hold. If this sounds like your football program, then you are a Clemson fan, and your coach, Tommy Bowden, has once again run his career status at Clemson to “Mostly Dead.” There’s a chart and everything, so you know this is science.
This situation may be worse than prior years for numerous, equally damaging reasons. Clemson was picked to win the ACC, their roster boasted easily cited glossy talent like James Davis, C.J. Spiller, Cullen Harper and Aaron Kelly, and there was even preseason talk of BCS bowls for the Tigers.