Tommy Tuberville: Karlos Dansby ‘as good a LB as I’ve coached’

Karlos Dansby is “about as good a linebacker as any I’ve coached,” Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said Saturday. And Tuberville, who was head coach at Auburn during Dansby’s time there from 2000-03, has coached some good ones – particularly during his time as an assistant at the University of Miami from 1986-93.

Tuberville ticked off the names of some of the top Hurricanes’ linebackers during that era — Ray Lewis, Micheal Barrow, Darren Smith and Jessie Armstead — and then zeroed in on Lewis, to whom he compared Dansby time and again.

“He’s a lot like Ray in that he’s got a lot of instinct and tremendous hand/eye coordination,” he said. “He made a play for us in a bowl game that turned out to be ESPN’s Play of the Year where he intercepted a pass while going out of bounds and threw it back in (to a teammate) before he hit the ground. He’s just got all kinds of athletic ability.”