ST. LOUIS — The Cardinals can only hope their new batting coach will now cease to be a sideshow.
Mark McGwire’s admission of steroids use while shattering Roger Maris’ season home run record in 1998 was seen by many on the team as a first step toward rehabilitating a tattered image.
“I’m happy for him that he’s taken the platform to kind of change the last picture everybody saw of him, which was him sitting before Congress,” said catcher Mike Matheny, a teammate at the end of McGwire’s career in 2000-01. “He’s one of the few guys who didn’t stand up there and blatantly lie. There’s something to be said about that.
“There’s more to be said about standing up like a man and facing the music like he did today.”
General manager John Mozeliak was relieved the subject had finally been addressed.