Too bad BCS’s future isn’t on our ballots

But not everybody can play in the SEC. The Broncos and Horned Frogs have so far rather easily mastered the hands that were dealt them, which is certainly more than Ohio State, Alabama, Texas or LSU can say today.
Moreover, it’s not like either Boise or TCU have worn out their rabbit feet remaining undefeated. Among all FBS teams, the Broncos are second in scoring (47.7) and third in points allowed (13.4).
The Horned Frogs are arguably nastier, scoring 40.8 a game while surrendered a nation’s best 8.7 points.
Beyond that, Boise beat San Jose State worse on the road (48-0) than Alabama beat them in Tuscaloosa (48-3). That doesn’t ensure that Boise would beat Bama, but it does hint that the Broncos might be in the same zip code when it comes to championship potential.