Top 25 Gator teams a fun list

Yeah, I know. Another list.

Ain’t it wonderful?
Summertime and the lists are easy.
This is another brainchild of mine, following the top 100 Gator players and games, the top 10 Gainesville Gators, the top 50 Gator athletes ever, the top 75 SEC basketball players in history, etc.
I love my lists.

This one was a lot of fun as the staff got together and picked the top 25 Gator teams in the school’s history. Already your mind is reeling trying to figure out the top five and where the women’s tennis teams will fall and how do we see Florida’s football champions.
It’s not easy to distinguish between an undefeated tennis team and a basketball national champion but we gave it our best effort.
So what was our criteria?
Pretty simple.