Top Ten Worst Team Names in College Football

10. Navy Midshipmen – No disrespect meant to our servicemen, but how can you pass up “Destroyers”?

9. Oklahoma Sooners – Apparently “Sooner” refers to certain settlers in 1889 who snuck out ahead of a gunshot that signalled the opening of 2 million homestead acres. Basically, Sooners were cheaters. It’s kind of like naming yourself after a false start.

8. Minnesota Gophers – A team mascot should strike terror into the hearts of opponents. Naming yourself after a defenseless mammal that scurries into a hole in the ground at the slightest hint of danger doesn’t quite get the job done.

7. Maryland Terrapins – I know the SEC has a reputation as the speed conference, but surely the ACC can’t be so slow that they are forced to name a team after a turtle.