Torre lessens tedium factor

The baseball playoffs are back in all their televised tedium (they might actually be superior on the radio), and while there is evident fresh blood in the postseason pool with the Rays and the Brewers, there are plenty of old faces to fill the ever-widening high-def vistas of family rooms across America.

There’s ball one, and there’s a cutaway to Joe Torre, reacting to nothing.
There’s a foul back, and there’s a cutaway to Terry Francona, reacting to almost nothing.
There’s an aborted third-to-first pickoff attempt, and there’s a cutaway to Mike Scioscia, looking as if he could do without the racket those inflatable thunder sticks are making.
There’s an intentional walk, and there’s a cutaway to Ozzie Guillen, who is likely pondering something intemperate to say but appears to be just staring balefully at nothing much of anything.