A Timeline Of The Break-In That’s Rocked The Mississippi Senate Race

The video caught the Cochran campaign’s attention as well. According to The Hill on Monday, the campaign conducted its own investigation and then alerted Cochran himself of the video. Attorneys for Cochran were also alerted to the video’s existence.

The McDaniel campaign seemed to start reaching out to other Republicans in the state to quietly disavow the video. Joe Nosef, the chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party told TPM that Scott Brewster, the coalition director for the McDaniel campaign, texted him in April regarding the video. Nosef said that Brewster told him the McDaniel campaign was not behind the video and “personally making calls to stop it.” Brewster did not return requests for comment from TPM.

“One of the McDaniel staffers reached out to me and said they were trying to get something off of social media and they were doing their best to stop recent activity or something and my response was, it was by text message, and my response was ‘I don’t even really know what you’re talking about,'” Nosef said. “And he said something about it and it was a reference to this video that had been put on YouTube that apparently had this picture in it.”