Tea Party Leader: McDaniel Should Be Nominee ‘Regardless Of What State Law Says’

Here’s an excerpt from her statement:

… Chris McDaniel won more votes from actual Republicans than did Cochran. Thus, only a fool would dispute that McDaniel is the clear choice of Republicans in MS. He is, by all rights, the Republican nominee, regardless of what state law states. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus should address this. As Chairman of the national party, he has overall responsibility for the selection of GOP nominees across the country.” [Bold mine]

Regardless of what the law states???

So there goes the rule of law, I suppose.

The other obvious irony here is that Martin wants the evil RNC establishment to override Mississippi law.

What about respecting state sovereignty? What about letting the states decide?? I guess that only applies when you want it to, eh?

Daily Caller via Breitbart