Transcription of Angela McGlowan 8/5/9 appearance on the Paul Gallo Show
(slightly edited per the YouTube clip)

Paul: Have you been keeping up with the Blair Holt act?
Angela: No I have not
P: As a budding politician you should be keeping up with that.
Angela: Let me just write that down then.
P: Blair Holt act introduced at the beginning of the year in congress and apparently still has a lot of people worried.
A: Who was it introduced by?
P: Blair Holt.
P: Proposed Legislation: senate bill 2099, will require us to put on our 2010 1040 form all the guns that we have.
A: (laughing) I like that though. I think we should know the guns that people have in their homes. Why not?
P: No no no. On our 1040 forms? Are you serious?
A: Why not? What’s wrong with that?
P: Why would you want to know what guns I have? Who cares what Bubba has out there?
A: It doesn’t matter. You should know what people have in their homes.
I’m all for packing. I’m all for carrying a weapon. I expect to be able to carry a concealed weapon in the state of MS.
P: Angela Angela.
A: Talk to me. Talk to me.
P: I don’t like that idea.
A: Why not?
P: Because I don’t think the government needs to know what guns I have in my house. What steak knives I have. Do I have any fly spray. What?
A: Steak knives and guns are not the same thing.
P: We are this way on that one and we will never go together.
A: We will never go together. I think that people should. At the end of the day, it’s not the guns we have in our homes that are killing people. It’s the guns that they sell on the streets that are killing people. The illegal guns.
P: But it’s those people who are not going to register their guns.
A: Well then we need to put laws intact that make sure they do. I think it’s a start. You and I are not going to agree on that one my friend.

P: No. We’re not. I mean we’re going to be going to two different places.
A: And for you gun toting people out there I’m sorry but I do believe guns should be registered and the government should know. But Paul I have a question for you.
P: Go ahead.
A: Dealing with concealed weapons that’s one thing. But when we have people losing their jobs. When we have people that don’t have healthcare. When we have people losing their homes. I can understand that this is a very important subject. I can understand that members of the NRA that’s a very important subject. But I think there are other things out there that are important as well.
P: I think its abridgement of the second amendment that you would have anyone wanting to know what type of hunting rifle that you have, what type of fire rifles you have in your house and placing them on any form.
A: What’s wrong with that though?
P: Billy your thoughts.
Billy: Oh Angela darling your way off on this. There’s only on reason and one reason only for the Federal government to have an inventory list of who owns what.
A: Why?
B: And that is to be able to know where to go get it.
A: I think that’s mixing apples and oranges though.
B: That’s important though that the founders and framers of the Constitution put it right after the freedom of speech.
A: So you’re saying in essence that if this act passes, it has no co-sponsors whatsoever, that if this act past the government can go into your home and take your guns. Is that what you’re saying in essence?
P: It’s a possibility yeah.
B: Incrementally absolutely. Yes.
A: Listen this is the problem that I have. You have folks out there Paul that are stock piling weapons and they want to..
P: (interrupting) Those people would not be adhering to the laws. They aren’t today.
A: Let me finish.
P: Why do you think the government wants to know.
A: Paul, I think the government has the right to know what guns we have in our homes and I’m sorry. I do.
P: Alright. Jeff.
Jack: I was going to ask the same question of this young lady.
A: It’s Angela. It’s Angela sir.
J: Why is it the government’s right to know what guns we do have?
A: You really believe..
J: (interrupting) excuse me for a second. They’re not going in one big swing and say we need to know what the guns are and then come in and take them tomorrow.
A: Listen sir. May I speak now? Please? You have had gun laws on Capitol Hill since the early 90’s. Some have passed. Some have not passed. So you truly believe if you register your guns that you have in your home that the government one night will come in, in the dark of the night, and take all your guns away, and hold you hostage?
P: The answer to that is yes.
A: You truly believe that.
P: Oh absolutely. This thing about repeating history. We’ve seen that in other countries over and over again.
A: That’s other countries though. That’s not America.
P: Angela. Let me ask you something. If a government wants to..
A: (interrupting) Now you wanna talk about somebody that was mugged. Your talking about someone who was beat down.
P: If the government wants to turn on it’s people, that constitution is nothing but a piece of paper.
A: It is a piece of paper. But to amend it you have to go through several processes Paul and anybody can introduce any
P: You have opened up a can of worms and as a budding politician I am going to throw you to the wolves and here you go. Ready?
A: Throw me. Throw me. Throw me. Frank what you got for me?
P: I’m turning my mike off.
A: Go Frank go.
P: Frank? Ok go to Jack in Flora.
A: Jack help me out.
J: Angela good morning, I want to..
A: Good morning.
J: as a lifelong republican, as a gun owner beyond probably what you think is any measure of reason, and from a family that’s been involved in protecting this country since the French and Indian war.
A: Yes sir.
J: I want to tell you that if you have a modicum of good sense you won’t spend your filing fee trying to qualify for congressional seat because you’re dead on arrival on this issue. The single issue voters of this congressional district you’re trying to represent will turn you away
A: Sir, I have not said that I am going to run for office number one. You’ve already stated that I’ve said I’m going to run for office. I did not say that number one. Number two. My question is why do you have a problem registering the weapons that you have in your home? Why is that a problem?
J: Well I’ll give you a quick answer.
A: Please do.
J: I cannot find in the constitution on explicit right of privacy in the first amendment. I have therefore a right of privacy to own anything that is legal in my home in any quantity I care to own it without any inquiry from the government about what it is, where it is and how many of them there are. You would restrict my guaranteed by the Supreme Court.
A: No not me.
J: You said you favor..
A: (interrupting) I’m not a government official sir. I’m an American citizen just stating my opinion sir.
J: Well but you say that you think the government has a legitimate need to know this information.
A: I said why wouldn’t you want them to know the information. Is it your right to privacy? Is that the answer my attorney friend?
J: It also impinges on my second amendment right to own firearms and keep them in the house. Now you may not know this. But there are classes of firearms in the country..
A: (interrupting) and sir. Please do not insult my intellect by saying I may not know. Now why don’t you educate me instead of saying why I do or do not know. Now why don’t you tell me what you want to tell me.
J: Well if you’ll stop speaking over me I’ll try to finish this statement.
A: Well if you stop insulting me I’ll stop speaking over you. Now tell me what you want me to know about the classes of the types of guns out there sir.
J: There are classes of firearms, fully automated weapons, in other words machine guns, that it is not lawful to possess unless you have a special registration for that firearm with the Treasury department.
A: At the age of seven, my father taught me how to shoot a rifle, so I could protect myself. I believe that you should be able to have weapons. I believe in the second amendment, I believe you should be able to protect yourself. But when you have crazies out there that are stock piling guns because they believe we are going to have some sort of race war, I think that that is a problem. Now that’s the statement I am trying to make. So people out there who misunderstood me I apologize. But if you want to ask me a question, first of all don’t accuse me of anything. Second of all don’t predict anything and I’ll be more than happy to listen to you and answer your question.
P: What would be the reason the government would want to know?
A: If I may say something, I think it is the governments way, in it’s ignorance, trying to get a hold of it. Because you’ve had conservative talk show radio, right before I’m about to go on and state my case, people who want to overthrow the government. People who don’t like the fact we have a black president. People who believe there is going to be a big race war.
P: So you think those people are going to fill out the form?
A: No I don’t think they are going to fill out the form Paul. I think this is the government’s way of trying to make a statement that we are trying to find out what’s out there. Because I’ve heard from members of Congress, Paul, down south, that they’ve had constituents that have a guns stockpiled.
That they believe
P: Illegally though.
A: I understand that. But you do have thugs…
P: (interrupting) Can I ask you a question?
A: Sure. Go ahead.
P: If the government said, we want you to declare on your tax form, the amount of fertilizer you have in your possession, do you think that Timothy McVey would have put that down on there?
A: I’m not comparing Timothy McVey to this form.
P: No but understand where I’m going here do you think Timothy McVey would have put down..
A: I understand exactly in essence what the government is trying to do is make a start. Because you do have some dangerous folks out there.
P: Nobody trusts the government.
A: But let’s just have anarchy then. At the end of the day. Listen, we may not have the best system. But we have the best system in the world.
P: On this issue we are so far apart.
A: Yes we are.
P: It’s men from mars. Women from Venus.
A: I ain’t from no freakin Venus.