Alan Nunnelee Is Afraid to Tell North Mississippi Seniors Where He Stands on Important Issues
Nunnelee refuses to attend impartial AARP debate

Booneville, MS – Today, State Sen. Alan Nunnelee refused to attend an impartial televised debate sponsored by the Mississippi AARP, once again proving that he can’t be trusted when it comes to standing up for North Mississippi seniors and the issues that matter to them. The debate was set to take place on Friday, October 8, and to be aired on WTVA, Tupelo’s NBC affiliate.

“Apparently Alan Nunnelee doesn’t feel like North Mississippians age 50 and above are important. They’re important to me. Our seniors have worked hard for decades to contribute to our economy, and they deserve to know where their elected officials stand on critical issues like Social Security and health care fraud,” said Travis Childers. “That’s why I’ve worked to bring back millions of dollars in Social Security benefits to the First District, and that’s why I’ve been opposed to plans to privatize Social Security and raise the retirement age from day one. I was looking forward to sharing my views and answering important questions about the issues that matter to hard-working North Mississippians. Unfortunately, my opponent was not.”

Alan Nunnelee has a record of lying to North Mississippi seniors. He’s been going along with plans to gamble away seniors’ Social Security benefits for the past 7 months. Only when he realized that he was down in the polls did he claim to oppose privatization, lying that he had opposed it for months. And Nunnelee currently chairs a corporate-funded group that supports Social Security privatization. []

Nunnelee’s Say-Anything Timeline on Social Security Privatization

SEPTEMBER 28: Nunnelee refuses to attend in an impartial televised AARP debate, once again avoiding telling the truth to North Mississippi seniors about his record of supporting plans to privatize Social Security and raise the retirement age.

SEPTEMBER 8: Nunnelee lies to North Mississippi seniors by saying he opposes Social Security privatization after 7 months of supporting it. [NEMS Daily Journal, 9/8/10]

AUGUST: In late-August, Alan Nunnelee’s campaign said he was open to plans to privatize Social Security that would allow big bankers to gamble away seniors’ hard-earned dollars. [NEMS Daily Journal, 8/22/10]

JUNE: In June, privatization advocates Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan were the first endorsements of Alan Nunnelee’s general election campaign. [NEMS Daily Journal, 6/10/10; McGlowan Email, 6/11/10]

MAY: In response to a question at a forum during the primary, state Senator Nunnelee said he had begun studying plans to privatize social security but has not developed an “ironclad” position. Both of his primary opponents, Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan, continued to voice support. [Desoto Times, 5/4/10]

APRIL: In early April, state Senator Nunnelee refused to answer an inquiry from the Daily Journal about his support for privatizing Social Security. Both of his primary opponents, Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan, have voiced support. [NEMS Daily Journal, 4/4/10]

FEBUARY: In mid-February, State Senator Nunnelee “steered clear of the specifics” when asked about the controversial GOP budget proposal that included Social Security privatization by a local television station. [WCBI, 2/19/10]

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